Easter Activities with Your Family

by Sun Sand & Sea Homes 04/14/2019

Easter is an excellent time of year for families. If you have children, there are almost countless things you can do over the weekend to have fun and spend time together. Try out some new Easter activities this year to develop or add to your family’s traditions. 

Classic Easter Egg Hunt - Many families attend an Easter egg hunt over the holiday. This year try hosting the hunt! Have your children help you select eggs and fill them with treats and goodies. If you have both older and younger kids, employ your older children to help hide the eggs around your yard or in a park near your home. Invite your neighbors, family, friends and your kid's schoolmates to come and enjoy a good hunt. 

Egg Decorating - Teach your children how to empty an egg of its contents and clean it, then have fun painting or dying the eggs different colors. You can even add hooks or string to the eggs to make ornaments and decorate an Easter tree.

Easter Bunny Visit - Many local churches, malls, and parks will host an Easter bunny over the weekend. Take your young ones to visit the bunny and take cute photos. Bonus Idea: Rent bunny costumes and dress the whole family up for a photo shoot in the backyard or at the park. 

Backyard Activities - For fun at home set up fun activities for your kids in addition to an egg hunt. Have egg spoon races across the yard to see who can make it the farthest without breaking their egg. Create bunny hopscotch for the kids—and maybe the Easter Bunny will visit overnight! 

Easter Baskets - Make Easter baskets for friends and family. Let your kids pick out their favorite sweets like classic Peeps, Cadbury eggs and chocolate bunnies. Have them make a special basket for their siblings or cousins and have a basket gifting exchange. 

Garden - Use the Easter weekend to plant a new garden with your children. Maybe they want to plant a vegetable garden with carrots, radishes, and cabbage. Or, perhaps plant a new flower garden with all the beautiful spring colors. 

Volunteer - Holidays are excellent for spending time with family, but they're also great for showing your family how to share with their community. This Easter, consider bringing baskets to a local children's home or a children's wing in the hospital. Have your kids help you set up and host a public Easter egg hunt to help less fortunate children in your neighborhood have access to holiday fun. Take your children to a soup kitchen and serve food to families. You can have plenty of family fun and give back this holiday. 

Try out some or all of the above to boost your family’s spirits and have a great time developing traditions this Easter.

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